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iPhone 5: Next version to have FM radio

We have seen the speculation already starting about what any new iPhone will feature next year, but some recent patents have revealed some of what Apple may have in store.

Luke Johnson over at T3 is reporting the patent that was approved last week by the US Patent and Trademark Office, was for radio mapping on Apple’s flagship device. This could see AM, FM and satellite radio being added to any future iPhone device. It seems an FM radio receiver will be added to the top right corner of the device.

The mapping system would allow users to find available stations and choose depending on the closest or strongest signals. As time goes on we are certain to hear more possible new features that any new handset may bring. But Apple may decide not to bring out an iPhone 5 when we would normally expect, as they may concentrate on the White iPhone 4 which is due for spring 2011.

One thing that would please a lot of people would be the news of a Verizon iPhone, and Apple could use any launch of a new handset to announce this, or it could coincide with the release of the White iPhone 4.



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