Halo Wars: Online Stats to Stay

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 9, 2010

Well done to all of you that opposed the removal of the Halo Wars stats being removed, your efforts have paid off. Microsoft is now saying that the plans to remove the stats are no longer, they have been abolished. The original deadline was December 15th but now it will continue past that.

Whilst the stats are staying it doesn’t mean that they cannot move the location and that sounds like what might be happening. Currently you can view your stats by visiting the Halo community website here. IF you want to know a bit more about Halo Wards then go to the bottom of the article where we have included a demo video for you.

Microsoft said in a statement “After seeing the reaction and passion from ‘Halo Wars’ fans as well as ‘Halo’ FPS fans who were concerned about the future of other ‘Halo’ titles, we determined that the previously stated plan of action was not in line with our intended plan of loyal support for ‘Halo’ games,” they also said “The Halo Wars and Halo Waypoint forums will still be merged,” the company added. “But other than that, nothing changes.

What do you think of this decision, are you please? Let us know in the comments below.

Source – IGN & Eurogamer

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