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Gresso Luxor Phone: New Model on Christmas Wish List?

When you put phone and Gresso in the same sentence you know it is going to end in pricey! Previously we have brought you the Gresso Lady Diamond Phone which came in at $5500, now we are bringing you their “cheaper option”.

Gresso don’t hold back when it comes to luxurious phones and their new one the Gresso Luxor is priced at $4000. So what is so great about this phone, let’s have a look at the specs. It has a 2 mega pixel camera, 30MB of integrated storage but using a microSD card you can get it up to the dizzy heights of 2GB. Around 5 hours talk time and a built in radio.

According to Rik Henderson over at the handset is made of a combination of materials, these include the bezel being made of steel with a coating of PVD and Blackwood and sapphire ceramics. The screen has a 42-carat sapphire crystal and anti-glare treatment.

If you are someone who is into your Gresso Luxury phones then of course you can visit their site here, and for further details on the Gresso Luxor you can see it from their official site here. Of course they have a few other options to keep you interested.

Crazy price tag of $4000 for a phone with these specs, but would you consider it? Is this a phone that will be on your Christmas wish list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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