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Google CR-48 Notebooks: Delivery Day

For those of you who have taken an interest in the new range of Google CR-48 notebooks, you will be glad to know that the Chrome OS ‘unbranded’ devices are being delivered today.

This is all part of the Chrome OS pilot program, a program to see how web-centric your daily computer habits are, which is an important piece of information due to the nature of Chrome OS, that is based on the cloud.

One of the lucky guys from SeatGeek, Ben Kessler, who signed up to the program managed to get himself one of 60,000 limited supply CR-48 notebooks. This is the number of suggested OEM/ODM notebooks Google ordered from Inventec, so as you can tell, supplies are very limited for the time-being.

Kessler says that “the build quality on the Cr-48 is mostly great, all rubberized plastic but the damn battery doesn’t sit flush with the bottom.”

Laptops are yet to be branded as part of the pilot program, and we can expect to see commercial releases of the Google notebook from Samsung and Acer during mid-2011.

Did you sign up to the program and get lucky? Tell us what it is like, will you? A search on Twitter shows at least two others have received theirs too.

Source: SlashGear


  • Dave

    Got mine yesterday. The battery does sit flush on mine. Maybe you installed it wrong.


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