Sony PlayStation Phone: Release Date Update – March?

By Alan Ng - Dec 8, 2010

We have some exciting news for those of you who are planning to pick up the still unannounced Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone next year, as we have details on when the phone could launch to the public next year.

ITProPortal is calling their report exclusive, as they have apparently obtained information from a source close to Sony who states that the PlayStation Phone will be releasing sometime in March.

Furthermore, they state that the handset is likely to receive two public showings before it’s release. The first being at the Mobile World Congress in February, followed by another showing at Cebit 2011 in Germany at the beginning of March.

If you haven’t had a good look at the device, you can view some great videos of the PlayStation Phone here. The handset, known as the Zeus Z1 will run on Android Gingerbread and will be equipped with two cameras, slide-out PlayStation controls, a 1GHz processor and MicroSD card support.

What are your thoughts on the PS Phone? Are you waiting for an official announcement until you make a decision on it, or have you already decided that you want this as your next phone? It certainly looks like a great way to put Sony Ericsson back on the map, and also for developers to really get down to work with some serious gaming hardware.

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  • dan

    when does it come out?

  • MJD

    what carrier is going to sell the Zeus 1?

  • ps3 player

    I can't wait to buy it! Sounds great!

  • Zecht

    As a person I dont rly care about phone like the iPhone since I barely use my phone for texting and stuffs. Mostly use just to recieve calls and call friends. However, I am a hardcore gamer, if there is a great portable gaming device with phone capability, I would definitely buy it. iPhone doesnt have the technology for hardcores gaming yet, so if all these informations about the psp2 is right, I think it will be a great success, even tho some ppl just buying them for games, it might hurt iPhone's sales.

    • psp2 is not a phone this is the playstation phone just to clarify two different projects this one has high end phone specs just like the galaxy s psp2 is a quad core cell processor with power vr graphics greater than anything in a phone even though it is the same company makeing the gpu for the iphone better version

  • delukze

    I do want this to be my next phone, but I first wanna see how the games gonna be. if it has better graphics than the iPhone I will definitely get it.

    • they will be about the same the only difference is that the playstation phone will have physical buttons so look up rage hd and thats about the same you will get with this phone

  • I would never make a decision on something like this until I’ve seen what the opposition have to offer-Nintendo 3DS.

    • dizzie rasclat

      your a bit of an idiot, the 3ds is not a mobile phone, all it is is a hand held console, playstation is a phone and handheld console.

    • you are not an idiot like the reply states but the 3ds has to render two feild for 3d so its specs will be lower than on paper(better than the ds but around psp1.5 about the same as the iphone and high end smartphones) this is one of those high end smartphones with the only difference being physical buttons so if you like rage hd think that is what most of the games will look like look it up if you dont have apple products i understand. The psp2 however is about half of the current generations console brethren it has an underclocked 4core cell processor with lower clock speed but more ram and a better gpu than either the 360 or ps3 with the only major difference is the 1 gig of ram for the psp2 will be at a lower clock speed so it is not the same but it only has to code for one display resolution so games can take up less space and you can fine tune the games more for the platform