Samsung Nexus S: Verizon 4G LTE Release Rumors

By Alan Ng - Dec 8, 2010

You probably want to take this with a huge pinch of salt, but we are hearing rumors that the recently announced Samsung Nexus S, headed to T-Mobile, is also on the way to Verizon Wireless as one of their new 4G LTE devices.

As reported from Phandroid, information has surfaced from AndroidGuys, who have studied a interesting line of text taken from a Google contest to win a Nexus S handset, which you also may find particularly interesting.

”The currently available Nexus S is a GSM device and is not compatible with CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint.”

They have picked upon the fact that Google has decided to include the words ‘currently available’. AndroidGuys think that it’s slightly odd that Google didn’t just say that the Nexus S is a GSM device, without needing to mention CDMA, Verizon and Sprint.

Furthermore, details over at the SamsungFirmware Twitter page has hinted that users should wait until February before picking up the Nexus S, which is perhaps another indication that the device may be coming to other carriers after T-Mobile.

What your thoughts on this? We have already heard about a few rumored handsets which will have support for Verizon’s 4G LTE network, but no doubt that that a 4G-compatible Nexus S would be the biggest attraction to date – only an iPhone would be able to top that.

Would you consider getting the Nexus S if it came to Verizon or not?

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  • Jake

    It would be awesome to have this phone on Verizon seeing as I am currently with Verizon. unfortunately Verizon has limited 4g coverage right now i my area (Olympia WA) and it won't be much better by the time they apply it to their phones. Plus it is highly unlikely that Verizons 4g network will be as fast as T-Mobile's. So in short I think if i were to want to use the full potential of the phone I would rather have it on a carrier like T-Mobile, Unfortuately T-Mobile's coveage as a whole is nowhere near what Verizon's, so I won't be joining T-Monile any time soon.

  • Guest

    Not this again, I went through this with the Nexus 1… all the rumors saying it'd be out on Verizon, just wait a little longer, just wait a bit longer, then nothing.