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RIM PlayBook: The next 10 years

When it comes to the PlayBook we have brought you quite a lot of information including the release date video, the price and also how the specs compare to its main competitor the iPad. Now we are bringing you our thoughts on the future of RIM following the release of the PlayBook.

A question I had for RIM, is the PlayBook a glimpse of things to come? In other words, are we going to start seeing BlackBerry devices with high powered processors and other sized tablets? Kindly Mike Lazaridis has answered many of my questions in “Dive Into Mobile” conference where he started out with the PlayBook.

Mike said that the “BlackBerry Playbook Tablet OS is what we’re targeting for multi core products,” he also said “They’ve Focused on strategy for the next decade” which he believes is a multi core strategy. You can view some of the conference where Mike was actually answering some questions at the bottom of this article.

So it looks like the future for RIM is bright, and there will be better smartphones on the way and it also looks like there will be more tablets making their way onto the scene. With BlackBerry entering the market at this late stage what’s to say they can catch Apple up? The other thing to remember is that the iPad 2 will be on its way early on in 2011 as well. To read more about this head over to AllThingsDigital.

In my opinion this is a classic case of too little too late but I could be wrong. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.



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