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QWOP Strategy – How To Video Walkthrough

If someone were to ask you what is the hardest game to play you will get a multitude of answers, but there is one game that seems to top the lot when it comes to strategy. The game in question is QWOP, and is a simulation of a 100 meters Olympics track event. This is currently an online Flash game, but Phones Review reports that it is soon to come to the iPhone.

The reason behind the name QWOP is because of the keys that you have to use to control the runner Q and W is for each leg and O and P is for his calves. The hard bit is getting the combination right, according to an article on Basic Story most people either fall over or end up running backwards – has this happened to you?

For those of you who have not tried QWOP yet, then you should give it a go, if anything it will give you a great laugh. World News has a great article about how to play the game and a video walkthrough guide. We have embedded the three videos for you to view below.

IndieGames points out that there is a help screen on the game that you can click, so this could be another great way to get further in the game – you would be an idiot to tempt getting right into the game. There have been some funny comments, one reader said that this it what it must be like when an infant first learns to walk.

Play QWOP here, let us know how far you get.



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