Mortal Kombat 9 (2011): PS3 gets Kratos – Xbox 360 doesn’t

By Alan Ng - Dec 8, 2010

We have some breaking news for PS3 owners now, and exciting news if you are planning to pick up the new Mortal Kombat game next year. We’ve just heard that the MK team have managed to get God of War’s Kratos as an exclusive character to the game!

The news has surfaced courtesy of StickSkills, who have obtained their information from the January issue of the Official PlayStation magazine.

Sadly, we don’t have any pictures or videos of Kratos in-game yet, but we can tell you that Kratos will have his own set of fatalities, combat moves and even his own God of War-style arena to fight in.

As a fan of the genre myself, I’m finding it hard to contain my excitement over this one, but let’s not forget that this hasn’t been confirmed by either Ed Boon or NetherRealm Studios yet – it is looking pretty likely though.

Judging by the report over at StickSkills, it looks like Kratos will be on the disc, so players won’t have to buy him as a DLC add-on, unless you’ll need to pick up some sort of special edition for the game to get him – we’ll let you know as soon as we hear details on this.

What is your reaction to the news? No doubt that PS3 owners will be delighted, but what about Xbox 360 owners – are you frustrated that you won’t be able to play as Kratos? You never know though, the MK team may be planning to have a Xbox 360-exclusive character too. Is there any Xbox 360 characters that you can think of that would fit into the game?

Kratos will have no problem matching other MK fighters in the brutal fatalities department, but what about his combos? We’ve included a video which highlights some of his combos in God of War III which may be included in Mortal Kombat next year. Take a look and let us know what you think of them.

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  • ps3hater


  • Notch

    I think that Alex Mercer from Prototype would be great for fatalitys

  • ???

    I think Quan Chi is on 360 but not ps3 even though i rather have Kratos or a Soul Caliber Charecter

    • Jamie

      nah hes on ps3 too

  • xbox hater

    i personally think that….
    i personally think that….
    i personally think that….
    blah blah blah
    listen all the bottom line is that ps3 rules and xbox is a mess up
    I PERSONALLY think that you xbox owners got screwed especially mortal kombat lovers.

    • ps3hater

      your stupid xbox better than ps3 and its gay that fags like you get kratos and people like us get nothing

  • The Man

    I think Xbox 360 players should get Dark Kahn from Mortal Kombat VS DCU.

  • The Man

    Xbox players should get dark kahn from Mortal Kombat vs DCU.

  • razzler666

    should be Ezio on the xbox 360. his Fatality —- Ezio takes out his dagger and throws it into the enemies chest then walks over to them and punches their head high in the sky and roundhouse kicks the body. then he holds his arm up and catched the head with his hidden blade.

  • nemesys06

    marcus fenix would be a good addition, however i would rather see cole train in mk9. as cool as it would be to see them in it, i don't see any xbox exclusive character fitting into the mk universe as good as kratos.

  • John

    Mortal Kombat 9 (MK9) should get Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden

  • Samir

    Let's think of exclusives for Xbox…Alan Wake – no, Halo – no, Gears of War – maybe..who? Fenix?
    maybe……. FABLE – ???
    Actually as I know Assassin's Creed is popular in xbox 360 more than on PS 3. So, maybe Ezio Auditore or Altair ???

  • Shejmus

    I know he's not exclusive to Xbox but I'd love it if it were Ezio Auditore that was added 😀
    Dual hidden blades,a dagger and some occasional sword and think he would and can have awesome counters and grabs :))

  • homeboy

    this is good…. the xbox has things with black ops that ps3 doesn't so payback 🙂

  • PaintedLadder

    Some characters to be thought about for another spot in mortal kombat 9:
    1.Marcus Fenix
    2.Master Chief
    5.The Punisher
    9.Solid Snake
    12.Leon Kennedy
    13.Jack Krauser
    14.John Marston
    15.Jack Cayman
    16.Big Daddy
    17.Freddy Krueger
    18.Jason Voorhees
    19.Batman (with fatalities)
    20. Darth Vader
    21. Indiana Jones

  • mr.guy

    there is probably going to be something like in soulcaliber 4 where they putt the exclusive characters for download on both systems

  • Aaron

    It would be awesome if xbox got dante from dante's inferno and you could use the scythe for certain moves

  • imme

    this sucks why won,t i get kratos

  • James

    Marcus Fenix=Stone cold killer just like everyone in MK… Also sounds like a Cliffy B. move to me.

  • Kyle

    How about Ezio from the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood?
    I'm assuming there's a max of 2 fatlities per charater, so…

    1) Could be calling in the brotherhood, and have them do some fancy pile-on assassination to the enemy player.
    2) Maybe, calling some eagles to claw the opponent to death.

    Or rather, just have him do a classic hidden blade stab to the eyes, or something like that. Ezio can fight with his fists too, so there's no need to think he wouldn't be too bad as a choice, in my opinion.

  • Sean

    Dude…. Hero from Fable 3 = Xbox 360 character totally.
    It's exclusive to 360 and the spell/ mele/ ranged combination could make it an excellent addition to the mortal combat games. I dunno about you, but my hero is a true blue fighter baby. =P

  • PutMarcusFenixIn

    Marcus Fenix….. chainsaw executions and he kinda fits the whole brutal mortal kombat theme

  • james

    onimushi would be cool if u know who he is

  • Tom

    The xbox should have either Wayne from the original lost planet, Buldur from Too human or The character from Crackdown (fits in with the robo ninja guy

  • james

    i think the prince from prince of persia should be in the xbox version because he fights like a ninja got his own combos, and would fall into the same category as for example: lui kang, kung lao and jax. plus it says on the back of the cover play as the most agile warrior of all time.

  • Adam

    Master Chief all the way!!!

  • Gameway

    Capell from Infinite Undiscovery would be awsome too!

  • Gameway

    I think it should be either be: Baldur from Too Human, Galen from N3 Ninety-Nine Nights 2, Kaim Argonar from Lost Odyssey(eventhough that’s a lame game), or Kendal from Kingdom Under Fire. Since they are only-Xbox characters, and the games are all set in mid-evil times like god of war(except Too Human), and so I think they are more fit to be the character for the xbox 360 verion of the new mortal kombat.

  • wtfguy

    Since RARE is a trademark of microsoft now…. how about Fulgore from the past KI game?

  • xbox man

    the extra character for the 360 should be a character thats only ever been on microsoft.
    personally i think it should be jack of blades from fable 1, he has a brutal feel about him like a mortal kombat character.

  • kevin

    i wuld love if xbox 360 get s marcus from gear of war
    and the fatality can be him chopping you with the chainsaw and putting and bomb on his back daim great fatality

  • flashn00b

    Bad move, Netherrealm. Now you'll have a bunch of angry xbox fanboys calling you PS3 fanboys.

    Also, I would personally say that Jack of Blades from Fable 1 could be a possible Xbox 360 character, and if the idea of a possible PC version is realized (Ed entertained the idea, but he hasn't confirmed a PC version), I suggest that Gordon Freeman could be a character.

  • Dustin

    Astaroth from Soul Calibur would be the most amazing thing ever!

  • ray

    I can see arbiter being in Mk 9 cause he does always have that plasma sword he carriers but even though I would like to see him in the (xbox360) exclusive he would stick out to much and It would be sorta weird seeing him in the game and he's sorta out of his element.

  • Darth Bad

    If Marcus Phoenix is added, mortal kombat 9 will take over the world. Reason being that gears of war 3 comes out for the holidays. Biggest hype of the year, hands down. Kratos will be long forgotten. Marcus does not have to do backflips or be fast. He can be a replacement for jax.

  • nate

    PS-3 rocks!!!! No regional coding. Import games are GUHREAT!! KRATOS!!

  • Robinson Jr Clermont

    We should get The guy from assassins creed on the xbox version 😀

  • Gibby

    wolverine from xmen, spawn, or virgil from devil may cry

  • Gibby

    I truely believe that for the 360 character should be between Spawn with his chains and his 2 sided ax, Wolverine with his claws, or Virgil from devil may cry with his sword & gun

  • Ryan

    I think Jack of Blades from the original Fable would be a pretty sick character.

  • Jason

    Way about issaic from dead space srry if I spelt tht wrong

  • rustykangaroo

    I think they're gonna put Marcus Fenix from GoW in there becuase Cliff B and Ed Boon were talking to each other in an interview with Game Informer. I can't see Marcus Fenix doing back flips or any punching combos. However, think about how gruesome a fatality would be with the chainsaw beyonett!

    • Tempoture

      But that is the only thing people say about Marcus. "His fatality would be awesome!" And yes i do agree that his fatality would be awesome, but that is it! That is the only thing people say about him. He doesn't do anything close to hand to hand kombat(see what i did there? :P) and yes your right I can't see him flying through the air and doing crazy combos. I would rather have Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden then any one else, but I don't think that will happen.

  • Dirk

    Well i hope they come up with a real nice fighter even a new one that doesn't was bin ever in a game a new creation of Edd Boons his teams there are many ways to create a new cool fighter that can be compairs with Kratos. It not be fair if they only get a bonus for ps3 so comon mk makers give us something so we are happy again thx.

  • Zack

    Arbiter. Comes with sword and some plasma weapons, plus he’ll be 100% unique. Like Reptile minus the acid and human body with energy weapons.

    Fatalities could be a needler overload, sticky grenade, Hunter or Wrath cannon.

  • MrKnuckleDuster

    I think they should add Gabriel Belmont from Castlevania for the 360 or Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

    • rustykangaroo

      I agree with Gabriel Belmont, but I can't see Lara Croft doing a gruesome fatality to anyone

  • Ezio

    you guys keep suggesting characters for games that are on both systems. usually when they place a exclusive character like Kratos its because the games are exclusive to that system. devil may cry, assassins creed, ninja gaiden are all on both system so using them wouldnt be as good of an idea.

  • dave

    what about alex mercer from prototype?

  • MK9

    there is a ninja gaiden game on ps3 so ps3 owners would not miss much. i would only think that its either gears of war character or halo guy. i own a ps3, idk many exclusives for xbox but i havent seen a character able to match kratos.

  • Nobody

    Personally i'm extremely delighted for the PS3 to be getting an exclusive as good as Kratos. Even though it will be kind of strange seeing him inside an MK game, i'm just happy hes ONLY for PS3. The reason being, the 360 gets enough exclusives as it is with Microsoft compulsively bribing out their backsides. If the 360 version DOES get somebody in the hopes of swaying them more to it's side, i'm guessing it will be someone like Master Cheif or Marcus Fenix and lord knows they would stick out like a sore thumb even more then Kratos.

    • fff

      yes its true whe have got more exclusives now than ps3 even wii ended their battle for the consoles thanks to kinect

  • Ares

    we would need spawn he has chains like kratos n would be the next most badass character for the xbox360

  • baddbiz

    Ninja gaiden would be the most logical response into puttin kratos in the game

  • stephen

    ok i am pissed because kratos is only for ps3 i would like to see a tekken or soul calibur character that would be insanely sick!!!!!!!!

  • Vontastic

    Ninja Gaiden but I would love to see an X-men Character like Wolverine or Dead pool then Kratos would be long forgotten…couldn't you imagine if they got Wolverine…Hell what about X-men vs Mortal Kombat for their next big time match up

    • Naruto

      T.T they cant do that cuz Marvel vs capcom would just be released .__.

  • Calcium

    Knowing Xbox, It'll be Master Chief! Hahaha! So not his era.

  • darkishgamer

    I think they would put War from Darkstalkers or Dante from Devil May Cry or Dante’s Inferno

  • joe

    the only thing wrong with this i can see is people being cheap with the combos and weapons. it will feel like the combos of superman on MK VS DC U.

  • michael

    i personally think that they should put astroth from soul calibur

    • darrin

      if anyone from Soul Calibur i pick Spawn from SC2 i would buy the top dollar version for that

      • Dalton

        agreed we need Spawn

        • edgar


        • Tyler

          spawn was served as a exclusive in sc2 already to begin with

  • Death Clown 666

    I think that it would be sweet too have Etsio from Assasins Creed

    • Tim Ollason

      thats a great shout

    • 42-theanswer

      No, Ezio is a great character, not for mk tho.

  • DaNicksta

    For me I think the only character that would be The Agency Super Agent from Crackdown 2

  • dimmoe

    now i like kratos but this was a silly move to me( personally). i can see how kratos was cool to have in soul caliber, because EVERYONE fights with WEAPONS. but mortal kombat has always been about hand to hand fighting, thrust kicks, the famous upper cut, the brutal grapples. and the special powers.

    kratos has never just used his hand and feet in battle

    • nik

      but he did wehn u smash up persinden. sori bwt the spelling

    • 42-theanswer

      Not true, In God of war III he beats zeus and posidien with his bare feet and fists, hes a perfect exclusive for ps3.

  • Mick

    Kratos was a perfect addition, but for 360…… I hope MK will be fair.
    A character From samurai Shodown Sen would work or Tenchu , Castlevania or Fear but not halo.

  • Doc

    360 should get Ninja gaiden then. Or a Gears of war character

    • mikeesta

      Why a gears of war character you idiot they don't even fight….

    • ivan

      why ninja gaiden if its 4 the ps3

    • midgie

      it would be ryu hayabusa not ninja gaiden -_- thats the name of the game
      and gears of war? seriously? dont make me laugh, characters from dead or alive would make more sense appearing in this hell we could go for yoda xD

    • bbeb

      good idea

  • eric

    i would love to see cervantes from soulcalber on mk9..

  • marhorn

    If Xbox 360 gets ANY SPARTAN il be happy! Then who cares about kratos? To be honest though Im looking forward to Street Fighter x Tekken and vice versa than Mortal Kombat

  • Sam

    Well it's only fair since Kratos is already a Sony exclusive, they probably wouldn't let him appear on xbox. Maybe I'll get this game if it looks good.