Facebook Number Status: Another Social Craze

Last week saw a huge craze hit Facebook in the way of changing your profile image to that of a cartoon character, this week there is another, and its called “The Number Game.” Some of you who visit The Social Network will wonders what the Facebook number status is all about, and it seems that there are varying views on this.

Lets take The Huffington Post, who explains that this is a new interactive online game. The idea is to send a friend on Facebook a number, they should then reply with a message that not only includes that number, but what they think of you as well. The number is only there for identification only – I know it all sounds a bit pointless to me.

The Wire seems to have a far better explanation for this, but does point out that there is more than one version of the game. There is the one that we spoke about above, which actually came from Yahoo, the other is when you send a number to a friend and then they send back the first number that comes to mind.

I know what you are thinking, but believe me people are playing this pointless game. You have to wonder if these people have anything better to do than play meaningless games? Although you have to admire how they can switch themselves off from what is going on around the world – what a perfect to de-stress.



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