Call of Duty: Online Fees Scrapped – Pachter not Happy

Call of Duty: Black Ops is quite a talking point at the moment with all of its problems with connections as well as some people’s favorite weapon setups and unlocking the other maps on the computer.

Something that hasn’t been spoken about too much is Michael Pachter’s previous prediction that Activision would make Call of Duty’s online play a subscription service. Of course the claims have been rubbished by Activision leaving Michael Pachter a little unhappy.

Prachter believed that this was a big business opportunity enforcing a subscription but hats off to Activision who have kept the online play free. When you think about it, would Call of Duty’s sales have been as high had there been an online subscription in place?

I remember about 5 years ago when the Matrix online game came out, I rushed to the shop to get 2 copies, one for me and one for my buddy only to realize when we got them home that they were a monthly subscription… They promptly went back to the store! Of course there is an argument that World of Warcraft is so big and contains a subscription but that doesn’t mean it would be the same for COD.

Prachter is quoted in saying the following, he’s “disappointed in Activision’s decision to not implement a subscription service for Call of Duty’s multiplayer” remember folks, this is the same fellow that said Red Dead Redemption wouldn’t sell… All I can say is thank god this guy doesn’t work in development companies and is instead staying as an industry analyst, from my perspective he isn’t very good at analyzing the industry.

Call of Duty + Subscription = Less Sales (in my opinion). What do you think of Pratcher’s claims? Would COD have still sold as many copies had it been a subscription game? Let us know in the comments below.

Source – VG247


  • andrew reynolds

    thanks for sharing, a great post unlike a lot of non sense which you find online.

    Love your theme and colours, makes it very easy to navigate.

    Have bookmarked and will be back soon 🙂
    all the best.

  • Sam

    I'lll NEVER buy a monthly subscription game, it's already 60$ and I often have to wait for patches. Patcher is a douche, and yes, most of the time he is wrong. Thank god. I wonder why he still has this job.

  • Jon-Paul

    If there was a monthly subscription, there would be no Black Ops in my house.


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