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Reactions to New Consumer Reports on AT&T

A new Consumer Reports shows that AT&T is the worst wireless carrier in the U.S., and it is no secret that the carrier wanted to respond to the report. We have known for some time that customers of the only carrier in North America to have the iPhone have not been happy with dropped calls and poor service. However, they do have the fastest service.

PC World has been reporting on the reactions that AT&T’s Glenn Lurie has been giving during an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Have looked over the interview we start to get the picture that they are putting the blame on the iPhone, as they did not envisage how popular it would become.

Lurie did add that AT&T has started to improve their service, and that this “Consumer Reports is just one source of the feedback that his company is constantly collecting.” He then went on to say that they have now started to receive far less complaints than they did in the past.

There is certainly some truth to that last remark, we have known for some time that AT&T has started to improve on their service, and has invested billions of dollars to give their customers a service that they deserve.

Don Reisinger from eWeek believes that it is now time for Apple to distance itself from AT&T following this report. In his article he lists ten reasons why. I am not certain that this will be a good move by Apple; they need to mirror what they do in the UK, and offer the iPhone to all carriers – only then will they be able to stop the freight-train that is Android.

What we also learned from the Consumer Reports is that U.S. Cellular came out on top, and it did not take long for AT&T to react to the report and say the other three major carriers in the U.S. has more complaints than them.



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