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120 Million People Utilize Google Chrome Browser

The browser Google Chrome’s use is growing at an incredible rate. Currently it has 120 million users utilizing the service. This figure has come from the Chrome Press Conference today. Chrome was launched back in September 2008 and back then nobody would have thought it would reach this number.

Looking back to just over 6 months ago Chrome had around 70 million users, so the growth of users is about 40%, which is massive. The browser is currently the 3rd most popular with IE and Firefox being above it but if it keeps growing like it is, especially with the Chrome OS on its way, then it may start staking a claim for that 2nd spot.

Chrome being in 3rd position means that it is imposing on the market and if it keeps growing will take up more market share according to their growth. I have only ever really used a few browsers, I use Safari on my iPhone, Firefox on laptops and previously in the company I used to work for we used Internet Explorer but there were reasons behind it. We used it because the others wouldn’t work with our Oracle – Siebel 7.7 based system and had great problems moving away from IE 6. This is one of the problems that large companies face when trying to migrate systems from one browser to another. If you want to download the Chrome Browser then click here.

Do you use the Chrome browser? What do you think of it? Is your company stuck on a specific browser? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Stu

    It’s a nice browser, we use IE7 at work as the standard, IE8/9 and FF is available on request with no support or guarantees to work with our systems. Chrome is banned from work because it kept talking to Google too much. Was pulling a couple of GB's per day across several 1000 users.


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