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Sony PS3 Firmware v3.55 Update: Problems after Download?

The next time you boot up your PS3 console, you’ll be greeted with yet another system update message. Sony has just updated the console to version 3.55 and it’s another one of their famous ‘security patches’.

As usual, Sony hasn’t dropped any details on the exact nature of the security update, but some details we’ve read over at TheSixthAxis indicates that the update was another response from Sony to counter recent attempts made by hackers.

While it’s a shame that there doesn’t appear to be any new features within the v3.55 update, it is refreshing to see Sony maintain their strong stance on delivering prompt action against any criminal activity on the PS3.

For those of you who have already updated to the new software, has anything major happened that we should know about? We usually get a flood of complaints from users after each update, stating that 3.xx has ‘crashed or frozen’ their console. Hopefully it doesn’t happen with 3.55 though and everyone can report a safe and successful update.

If you happen to find any hidden features which Sony failed to mention on the US PS Blog, be sure to share your findings with us below.



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