Samsung Nexus S: Release Date and Price for US, UK

By Alan Ng - Dec 7, 2010

We have some good news for those of you in the US and UK who are interested in picking up the recently announced Samsung Nexus S smartphone, as we now have confirmed pricing in the US, along with a solid launch date for the handset.

As reported from Engadget, you’ll be able to buy the Nexus S starting from December 16th in the US, either off-contract, or on a two-year deal with T-Mobile. Fans in the UK won’t have to wait to long either, as the Nexus S will be available on December 20th, from Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy UK stores.

As for the all important pricing information – listen up closely. The Nexus S will be priced at $529 unlocked, and $199 on contract with T-Mobile in the US. As for UK consumers, the price will be £549 unlocked, or free when you sign up to a £35 per month deal with either T-Mobile UK or Vodafone.

If you missed the specs of the Nexus S, you can catch them again here. What are your thoughts on the pricing? Are you interested in picking one up or not?

Source – Engadget

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  • Alex

    If I hadn't just bought a new android this past september (HTC Legend) I'd most definitely pick up the Nexus S, but I hate replacing phones too quickly, so I'll probably stick with the Legend until I feel crippled at the lack of OS upgrades pushed out to it (or it breaks or w/e)

  • dax

    Well I was going to pick one up when it got released, but apparently it's really expensive to ship stuff to europe. =))))

  • RobotRon

    I can't believe there's no comment in the article on it being nearly 65% more expensive in the UK. Even if that needs to take into account sales tax/vat/import duty that's an insane amount!

  • Alaskana

    Is it known what the price will be in Denmark?