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Nintendo 3DS: Making Video Calls Cheaper?

As everyone knows Nintendo are notoriously secretive about any new console that it is developing and leave the finer details till the latest possible time. Now when we look at the Nintendo 3DS we are wondering what the possibilities of video calling is?

Can you imagine having video calling on a handheld gaming device like that? It would be pretty innovative and would give Nintendo a new lease of “Coolness”. Nintendo are dominating the handheld market with their current DS models but with new releases consumers expect new features.

If you think of the iPhone 4 and how it has Facetime, that is a pretty cool feature. The thing that the new DS would need though is a front facing camera with the capabilities. This could be a real opportunity to offer more than just a handheld console.

Of course there are only rumors of the specs of this dinky device but we do know that it will have 3D gaming without the glasses which in itself is a cool feature. Please be assured that this is a rumor at present but if anything like this does get confirmed then we will be reporting on it. If you want to know more information on the Nintendo 3DS then head over to where Adam Hartley has written an article by clicking here.

Let us know your thoughts on potential video calling on a Nintendo 3DS in the comments below.


  • sabertooth

    I could see them doing video chat, not a big chance, but a chance. See, if the 3ds would just be a dsi with 3D, it really wouldnt stand out to me that much, ya, it would be cool, but just a dsi with 3D wouldnt be worth the money upgrade. Now, the way I hear it, its more complicated than just that. Since they have gyro ball weaveled into the 3ds, they probably will be doing something with motion control. Another thing, (which points to vid chat) is that u can record 2d and 3d video, and you are also going to be able to download or rent 3d movies, so video chat could be a good possible feature, although im not expierenced in computers or anything, but it would seem as though it would take up a lot of memory space for video to work decently.


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