Nexus One: Gingerbread Update – Release Date In Few Weeks

By Alan Ng - Dec 7, 2010

If you are a Nexus One owner, it’s a pretty exciting time for you at the moment, due to the fact that Google has just announced the Nexus S smartphone, which will come equipped with Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Since the Nexus One is Google’s official test dummy, you can bet that the device will be the first to receive the Gingerbread update once the Nexus S is released.

We previously heard rumors that the Gingerbread update was already rolling out to select Nexus One owners, but we can confirm that those details were incorrect. Instead, Google has confirmed that the Gingerbread update for the Nexus One will be available in a ‘few weeks time’ – which obviously means that Nexus One owners will get a lovely present before the end of the year.

Hopefully we’ll be bringing you further update news for the likes of the Droid X and HTC EVO 4G, but at the moment, it’s Nexus One owners who should be celebrating. If you own a Nexus One, let us know your thoughts on the forthcoming update.

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  • Hello, just doing some browsing for my Toledo 4g site. Can’t believe the amount of information out there. Wasn’t what I was looking for, but nice site. Have a nice day.

  • The Nexus S is a great device, but it doesn't have much that the N1 doesn't have, the only reason considering a Ns is the fact that it has more internal rom space than the little 192mb in the N1.
    Other than that I personally wait for a dual core device.
    As why Google has not released Gingerbread yet but the Ns is released, is a little disappointing, since the reason for buying a Google Branded device is that it receives the updates ASAP and now by offering it sooner on the Ns than N1 they are creating an even bigger diversification on Android version than there already is. Considering the fact that Apple is taunting Google that there is no unification I must say 1 point for Steve Jobs on this one.

  • ollyoxenfree

    I also love my nexus one. I'll consider getting the nexus S if it comes with att appropriate bands, for now the S only runs on att's 2g. 🙁 while the nexus S is exciting it truly isn't that big of an improvement, what i'm more excited about is that google is continuing the nexus line, for a few months the said that there would be no nexus two! 🙁 fortunately that's not the case! 🙂 so i'm hoping they'll release a third nexus or perhaps even a tablet someday 🙂

  • Android Developer

    Absolutely LOVE my Nexus One. Absolutely NO scratches after a full year of several major drops that bent the backing (snapped back without damage), a banana slobbing, and several cring-inducing keychain encounters. Don't know any iPhone users with these results – and I didn't have to wrap it in a phone diaper to achieve them!

    I'm interested in the Nexus S but probably won't get it. I'm not in need of the few new features it provides and I'm absolutely not a fan of the shiny new look. The semi-rubberized texture of the Nexus One is a major breakthrough in my opinion. Sorry to see it go so someone can own a perfectly shiny black phone for the first few days — before it's laid on a counter top with a grain of sand under it!

  • Michael

    I looked at the Google Nexus S today as well. Very disappointed and confused as to why there is no slot for a SD Card. I have a 30 GB card, so once I learned that I could not transfer to the new phone, I lost interest. The device is nice looking, but I will be waiting for the next flag ship from Google as my Nexus One is still running strong and only a year out of the box, so I will will await for Gingerbread and hope Google gives the Nexus One Honeycomb when it comes out.

  • I stoped into a bestbuy today to have a look at the nexus s – nothing special just a galaxy S running gingerbread IMO. I asked to look at my account to see when im eligible to upgrade, i currently have the nexus one. I was surprised when they told me that by adding the galaxy S as a new line a few months ago the contract on my nexus one was by default renewed for 2 more years!!! so tmobile screwed me over!!! Lucky for T-mobile i love my nexus one and with the addition of gingerbread im sure ill be able to over look the contract extensions for now 🙂

  • Dustin

    Only true nerds get excited for stuff like this. I guess that makes me one of them. And I guess that’s why I swapped my G1 for the Nexus One as soon as it came out!

    The Nexus S seems to have a little more buzz with its release than the Nexus One did. I will stick with the Nexus One due to only minor improvements in the Nexus S. So far I’m very happy with the Nexus One and its the advantages like early releases that make it worth it.