Medal of Honor DLC: Shortcut Pack Hits Xbox 360 – PS3 Soon

By Jamie Pert - Dec 7, 2010

Having played Medal of Honor I know just how hard and frustrating it can be starting off with inferior weapons and attachments when compared to your experienced opponents, however you can now buy all of Medal of Honor’s tier 1 multiplayer weapons via the Shortcut Pack DLC.

Currently this DLC is available for Xbox 360 gamers on the Xbox Live Marketplace, it costs 800 Microsoft Points and can be added to your 360’s download queue here, as for PS3 gamers it should hit the PSN soon.

This news was revealed on Twitter roughly 3 hours ago, you can see the tweet from the official Medal of Honor twitter account below, hopefully they will tweet an ETA for the PSN launch soon, it should cost $10.

This content can be purchased via the MoH’s in-game store, personally I think that this sort of DLC should not be released, let’s face people have worked hard to unlock the Tier 1 arsenal, now people can get all of the Tier 1 perks for just 800 MSP / $10.

What do you think about the Medal of Honor Shortcut Pack? Should this sort of DLC be released?

Source: MedalofHonor

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  • afrojack

    You get new guns like the mp5 and stuff? I just got the original edition of the game, and did got it the 14th of october last week i bought hotzone for my xbox 360. But its almost dead online hotzone, everytime when i wanna play it nobody plays it. So i need to start my own game, they should just make the content free.