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Google Maps for Mobile 5: List of Compatible Devices and Preview

We have just brought you details on some of the key announcements from Google’s Andy Rubin in the way of the Samsung Nexus S, Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb, but now we have some information regarding Google Maps for Mobile 5.

The new software has just been announced by Andy Rubin, and you’ll be pleased to know that it is coming to a select list of Android handsets in a few days time according to Google.

We have some screenshots of the new software to show you and the biggest feature of Google Maps 5 is the inclusion of dynamic map drawings, as you’ll see that the traditional flat styled buildings have been replaced by 3D-like vector models. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to tilt and rotate around the buildings using two fingers, giving you a much easier experience when navigating around a particular location.

Another major feature to Google Maps 5 is offline caching, as you’ll still be able to view maps when not connected to the internet, you’ll even be able to reroute a direction offline as well which is sure to come in very handy.

Here is the important part though – a list of compatible Android devices which will be able to run the new software. The list of models are as follows:

Motorola Droid,
Droid X
Droid 2
Droid Incredible,
T-Mobile G2,
Samsung Galaxy S,
Samsung Nexus S

You may be wondering why the Nexus One isn’t on that list. Engadget has cleared that issue up by stating that the handset doesn’t support the rotate functionality of Google Maps 5 due to a lack of multitouch requirements – we’re sure Nexus One owners aren’t too happy about this.

With that said and done though, what are your thoughts on the new software? Has your Android device been left off the list? You can view some preview screenshots over at Engadget.



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