Google eBookstore: App out now?

Yesterday Google officially announced it’s eBook store and already we have brought you the news that Kindle are trying to keep up by updating their online store as well as well as how to use Google’s free previewing on their site.

Now we are brining you the news that the Google eBookstore App is going to be available to download. Google are trying to keep to a variety of devices by releasing the app on not only iOS but also on the Android platform, this will include devices such as the iPad, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S to name a few.

Unfortunately the app doesn’t seem to be available in all domains but it soon will be so keep your eyes peeled for it. If you are wondering what features the app will have then head over to where they have listed all of them.

Are you disappointed that it isn’t available right now? Will you be downloading it when it is available? Let us know in the comments below.



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