Google eBooks: Free preview on eBookstore

Following on from our initial report on Google’s eBook service, we are pleased to confirm that Google has just made things official. It won’t be called Google Editions though, as the service will simply be named ‘Google eBooks’.

As reported from ComputerWorld, Google eBooks will be a cloud-based system and will allow users to purchase content from a dedicated store online, to read on a variety of devices such as the Nook Color, laptops and smartphones.

One of the biggest highlights of Google eBooks, is the free preview feature, which is likely to become an instant hit with users. If you head over to the Google eBooks page and search for a book that you like, you can simply hit ‘preview this book’ to bring up a fast pdf-style viewer which will let you see the contents of the book before you choose to buy it.

This really is a good feature, as in some cases, you can even preview the entire contents of some books, right there on Google’s eBook page. You can also view books which are ‘trending’ so you can check out what other people are reading as well.

Try it out for yourself and let us know your thoughts on the service. Will you use Google eBooks or not?



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