2010 Toy Product Recall List: Not For Christmas

Every year there are thousands of recalls, but 2010 has not been a good year for the quality of toys. Looking over a complete product recall list of these gifts for children, it is clear that some of them will not be on any Christmas gift list – and for good reason would you not agree?

One of the most recent toy recalls were on a range of Fisher Price products, which totaled more than 10 million toys. These ranged from trikes to high chairs, all with a range of different faults. One of the most worrying was where a valve was said to come off an inflatable ball; this led to incidents of children choking.

Kristen Ryan from has compiled a complete 2010 toy product recall list, with the Spider-Man and Iron Man Flashlights being the first on her list. These were recalled due to the bulb getting too hot, which could result in a child getting burned.

One that I was not happy to read about was the Munchkin Bathtub Subs recall. It was found that the valve on the bottom of the inflatable could cause lacerations; there were reports of 19 injuries to children’s genital area.

For the complete list visit

The most extensive list has to be from the TIA, just looking at the toy recalls from January to October was shocking, and that’s without taking November into consideration. The site tells you how many units were recalled, why and what solution they found to solve the issue. Let us hope that no more are recalled before Christmas – would not want to take a gift back that you have already bought for a child.



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