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Windows Phone 7: Microsoft start Free Rollout to Employees

If you are a employee of Microsoft, you are probably enjoying life right now, as we’re hearing that Microsoft has now started to fulfill their initial promise of handing out a free Windows Phone 7 handset to every employee.

As reported from BGR, this has been confirmed over in Holland, as 1,200 happy employees are now starting to receive a free Samsung Omnia 7 handset. This generous tactic by Microsoft is obviously going to cost them a fair bit, but if employees needed an extra incentive to worker harder, then surely a brand new handset is the perfect Christmas treat.

We don’t have word on employees in other regions receiving their handsets yet, but you can imagine that Microsoft will be delivering devices all throughout the week now that the Netherlands is completed. The Omina 7 is not the only handset on offer don’t forget, as there are as many as 10 Windows Phone 7 handsets which launched in the US, although it remains to be seen whether Microsoft offer all of them or not.

If you are a Microsoft employee, let us know if you have received your free WP7 handset, and tell us which model you got.



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