Verizon iPhone: Apple Paid to Exclude T-Mobile & Sprint?

By Daniel Chubb - Dec 6, 2010

Previously we have brought you various news on the Verizon iPhone including a poll where we asked you what you would like to see more in 2011, the Verizon iPhone or the iPad 2. Now we have heard a few rumors that Verizon are going to Pay Apple to keep the iPhone from being on the T-Mobile and Sprint networks.

Most are thinking that the iPhone will be released early on in 2011 and now they may want to try to keep all of the profits between Verizon and Apple. Unfortunately for Verizon Apple’s massive sales of the iPhone puts them firmly in the driving seat and they may still want to go ahead with having their smartphone on more networks rather than less.

I am struggling to see how T-Mobile and Sprint would let this go without a fight though so perhaps we will hear more about this in the not too distant future. You can read more about this over at where Neil Hughes has written an article.

Were you waiting for the iPhone to become available on T-Mobile or Sprint or are you happy if Verizon gain exclusivity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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