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Samsung Galaxy Tab: T-Mobile Messaging Problem Fixed

Previously we have brought you a guide on how to make phone calls on your Samsung Galaxy Tab but what hasn’t been talked about was the loss of messaging that T-Mobile users in the US were facing on the T-Mobile website. Back in November sometime T-Mobile and the Samsung Galaxy tab had some problems with the messaging system option on the site.

November saw the online offer that usually contained the free unlimited SMS messaging removed, it simply just disappeared. According to’s Chris Davies, T-Mobile has confirmed that this was in fact a website fault on their part.

A question that I have though, if it was missing from the site and people still went ahead and bought the Tablet PC, will there be unlimited messaging on their account? Will T-Mobile honor that fact that this is their mistake and add it without charging the customers?

I think they should add the feature FOC to the agreement as they have admitted liability for the mistake. What do you think?



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