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New iPhone Game: Fruit Blast 1.0

A new fun game has recently been released and it is currently free for the next 24 hours. Fruit Blast 1.0 is available for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Released by MEDL Mobile the game has users destroying pieces of fruit that are hurled at you by a mischievous monkey. The game starts off easy, but as you hit the targets they are splattered across the screen making it harder to see. Fruit Blast has received some good reviews from users so far.

Occasionally the monkey will chuck you a squeegee, so grab it so you can clean your screen. You must make sure that you reload your ammo clip or you will get beaten by the monkey. New weapons can be used to defend against the different things that are chucked at you. As you progress you earn more seeds, save these up and unlock new stages and weapons.

Fruit Blast 1.0 is currently free on the App Store. iOS 4.1 or later required.


  • Alan

    This game is totally fab … the accelerometer controls work perfectly … save up the seeds to buy the Gattling gun (much better than the pea shooter), and the Science Lab stage is awesome. It's like the monkey teleports from one area to another which adds another level of complexity to the game.

    I rate this game up there with the likes of Angry Birds, Trainyard, Fragger and Boxhead.


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