New Fallout: New Vegas Patch – Hitting PS3, PC & Xbox 360 Soon

By Jamie Pert - Dec 6, 2010

Since the release of Fallout: New Vegas there has been no shortage of complaints from PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers due to all of the bugs and glitches, previously one patch has been released, however we are now hearing that another patch has been submitted to Sony and Microsoft for their consoles.

This was revealed on Twitter roughly an hour ago, you can see the tweet from the official Fallout Twitter account below, as you can see the tweet is a little vague.

At the moment we have no idea as to what this patch will fix and when it will arrive, therefore we will have to keep you posted as we find out more, let’s just hope that that Obsidian Entertainment’s developers have put together a patch which will satisfy the thousands of extremely frustrated New Vegas gamers out there.

What bugs would you like to see patched?

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  • jim

    That's it, I say we boycot these game people until they can release a product that is finished and not a waste of money- I don't think they appreciate how hard some of us work just to get our crappy paychecks. We slave all day, then you come home and find they rushed a game you just spent seventy dollars on and it's not even finished!!! If I did the kind of job that these Fallout folks did, I'd be in the unemployment line!!!!!!

  • bob

    i keep on trying to get to new vagas (the legion hates me) and when i get their from bolder city bam frezes so i go to the NCR camp alpha to camp gulf legion attacks me with assains when i soot them bam freezes i cant get to new vagas from sloan cuz deathclaws from good springs thoughts bugs so i really cant get to new vagaus at all………and their are some other places like hidden vally ect…. i kinda gets me mad…

  • Jay

    I beat the game on XBOX360 without many problems other than the occasional mess up. (my roomates xbox) I wanted to play it again (since I kinda skipped alot of the side missions) but could only find the PS3 version so I bought that and it is just awful on the PS3 I can't even keep count of how many times this game has froze on me. The PS3 is only a month old and I take good care of my game discs so it certainly isn't me.

    I didn't play the game when it first came out so I have trouble imagining how much worse it was. I am shocked that they released the game without fixing the major issues because it is damn there unplayable for the PS3 version. It is a shame because I love this game but after it automatically freezing when I try to do the last part of boone's quest (legion raid) I was just done with the game haha.

  • americanjoe

    so when i try to fast travel, save , or go into any bulding BAM game freeze when is this patch coming out for the ps3 and are they gonna charge us for it ???

    • Jay

      if anything they should be paying us for playing the PS3 version. I'm sure you went through the same amount of crap I have been through trying to play it on PS3 it sometimes seems like it is not worth playing. Have to go quite far out of your way to make sure the game doesn't freeze. Like saving before you go into any casino haha

  • Madeline

    I hope the patch is released soon. The constant freezing is making gameplay almost unbearable.

  • Sam

    About damn time, but I'll believe it when I'll install it. I don't think that it this will do much, Fallout 3 still has a lot of issues.