Gran Turismo 5 Money: Tips for GT5 Credits

By Jamie Pert - Dec 6, 2010

If you are not having much luck saving up your Gran Turismo 5 credits we have some tips for you, these should help you earn some money to afford some of the game’s fastest cars and expensive upgrade options.

According to two posts on PubArticles there are a lot of different ways to earn credits easily, they say that the best way to earn credits is via ad hoc racing, apparently each time you race consecutively in a lobby the score credits are multiplied, if you stick around to the 10th race and win you will get 500,000 credits.

Another great tip is to perhaps let the CPU to drive endurance races for you whilst your busy, even if you do not win you should still get some prize money for literally no effort whatsoever.

You can see all of PubArticle’s other tips and tricks to earn credits easily here and here, some of the tips aren’t great, but some will undoubtedly help you afford more impressive vehicles.

We have embedded a video at the end of this post showing you how you can earn 17,400 credits in under 3 minutes, to do this you must have reached level 12, then buy a 2006 Chevy Corvette Z06 (just shy of 100k), tune it to between 600 – 650 hp, drop its weight to stage 1, and buy some medium racing tires, it costs a bit, but once you have brought all of this you can easily earn 52,000 credits in 10 minutes and keep repeating this process.

You can see a very sneaky tip here, to cut a long story short GT5 gives you a bonus car on your birthday, this car is something that was manufactured on your year of birth, one gamer says that he set his year of birth to 2006 and received the 950,000 Nissan Xanavi Super GT.

I’m sure over the next few weeks more and more quick money making tips will be revealed, when we find out more we will keep you posted.

How do you earn credits quickly in GT5?

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  • Hskns

    Need help on event ,like the wind, need help. Already tried with a zonda but i cant’ do it !!!!

  • Kay update, la festa cavallino or something, do the la sarthe race with a fully tuned ferrari Enzo or take the world compact car challenge and use cappucino or a lotus elise 111r both can be done around 3minutes and somewhat seconds depending on your skill, and they get 500k and 400k respectively

  • Iwovp

    Seasonal races are the way to go.  Most of them will pay anywhere from 300K to 550K to win, and if you can tune the appropriate car to max PP allowed and still have about 40hp more than the competition, you’ll farm massive money every five laps.  

  • these things suck man, just do the K-Car challenge on seasonal events and then take the last race: Eifel (Kart)  use your Daihatsu OFC Concept and tune it to 420 PP, then set top speed to 180 and suspension doesnt really matter, you get 3 laps and one lap can be done in 56 seconds or less (except for the first one cuz its a slow driving start) this earns you 101.700 credits in 3 minutes if you drive fast and keep repeating it and you have 1 million in 30 minutes

  • hanntheman

    u need to login to psn then the buttons down the side on home on says seasonal events

  • andy101

    Sorry, I may sound a bit silly but what are seasonal events. I really dont know. I want to find out because that is what everyone talks about here and ive heard they give good xp and money but i dont know where they are.
    please help if you can. thanks

    • khalil

      online events

  • andy101

    i really need help here. How do I get a Formula Gran Turismo because I have been looking for ages and i really want to do the formula gt championship. HOW. please tell me if you have any answers to this. thanks

    • guest

      go to the online car sales room theres usually always one for sale.


    every1 who says buy a car 4 seasonal races r wrong, it changes every week thursday

  • madmtnbiker

    I did all the seasonal races – spent lots on the tune ups – all to max but went from Lvl11 to Lvl21 and had approx 2.3m credits after about 45mins effort!

    • andy101

      how did you get that kind of money! and level exp.

  • Chromee

    Not sure if someone has already mentioned this but,a great way to make 108,000c every 6mins, in Extreme there's the Dream Car championship, race one is an oval track, 10 laps, if you have a fast enough car (preferably Formula GT) it's a piece of cake. You only get 9,000c XP or so but it's a good way of making some credits. Enjoy 🙂

  • Michael

    Bugatti Veyron, easy as. Complete the A spec Intermediate (final event a wordl championship of about 5 races) & you get a Veyron as the prize car. I won most races easily with the Nissan Xanavi which costs 950k I think from the Nissan dealership. Great car I only tweaked it in a minor way was heaps quicker than the competition & I could afford to crash a few times each race & still win.

  • carsten

    can anyone please tell me where to get the buggati veyron i have looked in the show room but cant see it anywhere.cheers.

    • andy101

      You can't buy a veyron, but i got one for finishing the licence tests.

    • shadow

      i saw a veryon for sale in the 2nd hand shop for 2mil

  • Blane

    I entered the same race mentioned above that gets you 17,400 credits with a Murcielago LP and first place won me 21,100 cedits in 2:24.

  • BiscuitWhisker

    $200,000 every 5 minutes –
    Mini Cooper w/ Soft Racing Tires, Chassis support, Spot Shocks and Adjustable Transmission tuned to Max Speed of 224.
    Enter the Seasonal Event where they place you in last place and payout is relative to your finishing position. With the right tune up its very easy to make it in 5 laps.
    (Do not decrease weight or increase horse power as the vehicle will then be ineligible)

  • drew wallbank

    any tips on wat car to have in old jap race and american classics?

    • Jack

      Use the Buick '63 special you win in one of the amateur series races. Its an unreal car I have fully tuned it and it now has 800+ bhp but stock is around 550 bhp i think

  • ShaggiApple

    Get a NASCAR car by purchase or completing the school.
    Extreme Series. American Races (bottom left)
    Win and you earn 117,000 in about 4.5 mins.
    Repeat it as often as you would like.

  • robert

    In the extrem series go to the german cup, pick the last race. If u win u earn 99900 credits and 7000+ exp. i done it with the merk sls amg with 700ps+

    • chris

      cant use the sls amg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bu-mr-at

    just get a fast turbo charged car and go on to the expert series, then tubo challenge. race on the high speed ring in a fast car it takes about 3 and a bit minutes to do the 3 laps but you get 50k for it

  • scott

    go to the seasonal events, after buying a skyling and tuning it to less then but as close to as possible 493HP, go to bonus race 1, the 5th/last race, should be SS 5. it pays 1 mil for first and (i came in) 3rd and won like 800k. I came in 8th the first time and it paid 180k. Happy racing

    • Dave

      nice one mate, really helped – thanks!!

    • ShaggiApple

      Can you repeat?

    • Lee

      Awesome thanks!!

  • Ken

    With the Christmas credits bonus currently in place (which ends in January, apparently), you can 'fairly' easily get 117,000 in about 3 minutes 40 seconds on the Expert Series – American Championship. The race is only 5 laps and each lap takes about 47 seconds using the Ford GT LM Spec II car. You'll also get 4,440 experience points.

  • raven

    wow superb

  • dazbo

    set your birthday as 2010 and you can have the red bull x1 for nothing

    • Triton

      .. need minimum age to create your playstation network account ./fail

    • guest

      i have account how do i change birthday

    • Jase

      Good tip. But how do you set your B'day in the game please?