Ford: Rear view cameras to be on most models

We are seeing more safety features being added to modern cars as manufactures continue to make our journeys safer. One of the new safety features found on vehicles are rear view cameras, these aid drivers when parking or can help prevent children getting hurt if they wonder behind you when reversing.

Shane McGlaun of SlashGear is reporting in an article that these rear view cameras were once only found on high end models of vehicles, but Ford have recently announced that they will be rolling out the option on almost its entire model lineup.

Recently there has been talk of this feature being made mandatory on all new vehicles, and Ford’s camera system will be available on most of its line up by 2011. The image will be viewable from the navigation system or the rear view mirror, and will be on most vans, crossovers, and pickups from the Ford range.

Do you think rear view cameras are a good idea?



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