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Fake Droid X: Meet the ‘Motorolo Foid X’ on Video

We’ve seen some pretty crazy fake smartphones over in China recently, but this latest one has to win the award for coming up with the best name. We have a video for you to watch, showcasing the ‘Motorolo Foid X’ – a Motorola Droid X knockoff if you hadn’t guessed.

As reported from Phandroid, the Foid X is the hottest fake over in China at the moment, and as you can see from the included picture, the makers have no worries about adding the Verizon logo too for extra effect.

On appearance, the Foid X does a pretty good job on copying the design of the real Droid X, but inside you’ll find yourself browsing through Windows Mobile 6.5 rather than Android 2.1.

The video below gives us a quick runthrough of the model, and you’ll be surprised to hear that this is selling for around $244, although that’s obviously still a lot cheaper than the Droid X off-contract price at Verizon. Take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts on this latest fake.

Impressive or not?



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