Dead Space 2: Demo Release Date – Christmas?

For all of you that are waiting eagerly for the 2011 releases such as Killzone 3, Mass Effect 2 to name a few then we may have little present lined up for you for Christmas. Dead Space 2 is another game that is being talked about a lot and it will be released in January but there is also a rumor circulating that there will be a demo of the game released at Christmas.

According to Robert Purchese at a question was put to the games executive producer Steve Papoutsis in the Q&A video on their Facebook page that got everyone thinking and hoping. The question was “Can a demo be released as a Christmas gift for us all?” Steve’s response was “A lot of people are asking that question. Gonna have to do some thinking about that.” At the same time he drew a deep breath whilst clenching his teeth.

Steve went on to say “But I would stay on your toes, stick on the Facebook page and you never know.” he winked whilst saying this. Sounds pretty promising! You can view the video here.

Dead Space 2 is set on a large space station called Sprawl where you will be shooting your way through Necromorph monsters and from the video on looks like a pretty chilling game. I for one am definitely looking forward to this and I am sure you are too.

What do you think of the addition of Multiplayer to the Dead Space series and do you think there will be a demo released in time for Christmas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


  • Jon-Paul

    I am deciding whether to buy this or wait for Homefront in March. I guess this demo might decide for me when it comes out.


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