Comcast Internet Service Down: DeJa Vu

For all of you in the Midwest who have Comcast as your provider you are probably cursing again, the DNS servers have been giving you a lot of grief in recent times and guess what, they are to blame again.

Previously we brought you a fix for the problem saying that you will need to slightly adjust your DNS settings whilst Comcast again will be working hard to sort the problems out. Not good news for Comcast as this is the second incident in recent times.

Sean Hollister at is saying this time the issues have been narrowed down to Indiana, Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois. So if you have friends in these places why not get in touch and tell them to point their computer to a public domain name server to keep them connected.

It really does look like Comcast are digging themselves a hole and if they get too deep there will be no coming back.

Have you been affected by Comcast’s latest booboo? Let us know in the comments below.



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