2011 New Cars and Trucks: Where For New Model

We are almost at the end of another year, and as 2011 is fast approaching we now turn our attention to some of the new cars and trucks that are ready to hit the market. While having a look at a few car brand websites I can clearly see that finding these new models is easier on some more than others.

Take Cadillac, finding these new cars is easy – once you have selected your country first. Once you hit your country’s homepage just select vehicles at the top left and you will see 6 new 2011 models. There you have the choice to build your own or request a quote. For more details visit Cadillac.

Ford is the easiest of them all, as they show their new cars and trucks right on their homepage. Currently there are three new models on the homepage, the 2012 Ford Focus, 2011 Explorer, and the 2011 Fusion Hybrid. You do not have to be an expert to know that the most anticipated of these three vehicles is the Focus. Visit Ford to get full details on all these cars.

Another website that I find very informative is the cars section on I was very shocked to learn that there are 60 new 2011 models planned for launch. Once you select the image you then have to click on more photos, which is where you will then be taken to another page offering details for the vehicle.

However, one of the most informative websites has to be Motor Trend. Not only does the website offer details on previous models, but also 2011 and 2010 models as well.

Where do you go for all the latest details on new cars and trucks?



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