White iPhone 4: Apple Store signs point to spring 2011 release

By Gary Johnson - Dec 5, 2010

There have been lots of different rumors and speculation regarding the release of the White iPhone 4 over the last few months, with some wondering if the device will ever see the light of day. Back in October we reported that the device could be coming in spring 2011, and now we have some news that seems to confirm this.

Seth Weintraub of 9TO5Mac is reporting that signage which is going up in Apple stores across the US points to a spring release date of next year. Small print at the bottom of the signs states the White iPhone 4 will be “available spring 2011″.

This is still an uncertain date from Apple, and it is still unclear if all the rumored production problems have been dealt with. Surely with all the failed promises by Apple regarding the White iPhone 4 in the past they must be on course this time.

Apple could be bringing out a new iPhone in around six months time, so will consumers be bothering with a White iPhone 4 now? We could see something different next year and not see a completely new handset just an improved antenna on the current iPhone. Use the link to see the signs for yourself.

Will you get a White iPhone 4?

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