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Netflix First-run TV Shows Coming – Paying The Price

For those of you with a Netflix subscription you will know that you not only have access to movies, but a back-catalog of TV shows. However, the only issue with these is that they are old shows, so are hoping to offer subscribers the chance to stream all the latest episodes.

Christina Warren from Mashable says that Netflix are not worried about paying the price either, with suggestions that they will pay up to $100,000 per episode of new TV episodes. Having first-run content will be a huge deal to the online-streaming service, and will not doubt help take the fight to the ever-popular Hulu Plus service, which was recently reduced in price.

Netflix currently has no competition when it comes to movie streaming, but we all know that Hulu Plus and other services are giving them something to think about when it comes to streaming TV show content. This latest move shows that Netflix are not afraid to pay the price to become the number one in both areas of online streaming content.

For some time now Netfilx has been a season behind first-run TV show content, this is something that Hulu Plus has been able to take advantage of. However, we have to wonder what affects this latest news will have on the Hula service, as we know that Netflix has a bigger reach, and offering this new content could be a big draw for current Hulu subscribers as well?



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