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Michael Jackson The Experience: Bad Review from IGN – Justified?

We have a word of warning for those of you who are thinking about picking up Michael Jackson: The Experience on the Nintendo Wii, as IGN has just posted their review of the game and it isn’t pretty.

They have only scored the game a shocking 3.5/10, calling Ubisoft’s title a huge disappointment. They have just about criticized every aspect of the game, but main highlights include the poor interface, terrible control system, inconsistent instruction images and more.

The poor review from IGN probably won’t distract the hardcore MJ fans, but for those still sitting on the fence, it looks like your money may be best spent elsewhere. Here is IGN’s overall conclusion of the game, it’s pretty harsh –

”Michael Jackson: The Experience is a disappointment. If you want to dance to all his classics, don’t spend money on the game — buy his albums and throw a party instead.”

Ouch. For those of you who already have the game, do you have anything to say in defense, or do you agree with IGN’s verdict? Check out their video review below.


  • pinkdroid

    I brought this game for my two daughters aged 5 and 10 and they abosolutey love it and it never fails to make me smile watching them play it, for those reviewers condeming this game please consider that not everbody feels the same and that mayby a childs view is better suited to these types of games.

  • Sid

    IDK what yall say dis game's BEAST!

  • bex

    I am a HUGE MJ fan, but I didn't buy this game because even the commercials for the game were just plain DUMB. The game does not look entertaining at all. At least not as a Wii game. I agree with some of the others' comments. It would be a much better game for the Kinect.

  • sazzy

    The wii is good for sports & platform games but terrible for dance & fitness as just shaking the remote about does not give u any geniune feedback. The kinect is the winner when it comes to dance & fitness games.

  • leo

    this game would be better on the 360


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