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Gran Turismo 5: Top 5 Fastest Car List – Accurate?

If you are playing Gran Turismo 5 you are probably working your way through the huge list of cars to filter the good from the bad, recently I came across a very useful blog post where it lists the top 5 fastest cars in the game.

I do not own Gran Turismo 5 therefore I cannot verify whether this list is accurate, however if you check out PubArticles you can see what they believe to be the game’s fastest cars.

We are reliably informed that the Ferrari F2007 is the fastest car in the game, in second place is the Ford GT-40, in third place is the Ferrari F40, in fourth place the Bugatti Veyron and in fifth place the Ferrari F430.

Just because a car is extremely fast it does not mean that it is the best car to use, therefore check out this post and scroll down to the comments section for what our readers believe to be the best cars to use in GT5.

We would love to hear whether you agree with this top 5 list, if not feel free to let us know your own top 5 fastest GT5 cars in the comments section below (remember to mention any modifications/upgrades which need to be added).

Source: PubArticles



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