Gran Turismo 5: Top 5 Fastest Car List – Accurate?

By Jamie Pert - Mar 8, 2011

If you are playing Gran Turismo 5 you are probably working your way through the huge list of cars to filter the good from the bad, recently I came across a very useful blog post where it lists the top 5 fastest cars in the game.

I do not own Gran Turismo 5 therefore I cannot verify whether this list is accurate, however if you check out PubArticles you can see what they believe to be the game’s fastest cars.

We are reliably informed that the Ferrari F2007 is the fastest car in the game, in second place is the Ford GT-40, in third place is the Ferrari F40, in fourth place the Bugatti Veyron and in fifth place the Ferrari F430.

Just because a car is extremely fast it does not mean that it is the best car to use, therefore check out this post and scroll down to the comments section for what our readers believe to be the best cars to use in GT5.

We would love to hear whether you agree with this top 5 list, if not feel free to let us know your own top 5 fastest GT5 cars in the comments section below (remember to mention any modifications/upgrades which need to be added).

Source: PubArticles

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  • ninja panda

    the red bull x1 is the fastest car hands down.

  • Key

    MINALOLTA reaches 245 no setup is ok i guess no draft lv 32 b-spec 29 a-spec

  • Key

    OMG takata nsx sucks mostly but i cant sell it either

  • Key

    wat do you guys think about the takata dome nsx cause i want to buy it?please reply

  • Keysho

    wat do u think about the takata dome nsx???i want to buy it

  • Kevinw2264

    my red bull hits 320 without draft

  • Stewie1991

    I got 335 mph in my RedBull X2011 on the straight of Circuit de lar Sarthe 2009 (no chicanes)

    Add my psn: stewie2806

    • Braden

      I don’t suppose youd gift it me for an hour? I don’t blame you if you don’t, I certainly wouldn’t but I would give it you back.. only want it for achievement and to show of to my friends.. I don’t expect you to trust me. but if you would lend it me add me BRADEN_OV_S2 thankyou<3

    • dopeboy985

      but did u glitch the car or game cause i cant do that i can only get my red bull x2011 prototype up to 305 without boost or draft on so if u did glitch it i want to know or please tell me how to mess with the car settings i dont know if its the trannsmission or the LSD or the suspention just tell me how to do it i need to know  

      • ben15_bdg

        Areodynamics on lowest, transmittion on top speed of 365 ish, should be ok from there