Verizon 4G LTE Data Price Plan & Speed Information

By Jamie Pert - Dec 2, 2010

Earlier today we revealed that Verizon’s 4G LTE network would launch on December 5th, now we can confirm details regarding mobile-data price-plans.

According to a recent post on Engadget, Verizon Wireless will give you up to 5GB of data for $50 per month and up to 10GB of data for $80 per month, if you go over your allowance you will get charged $10 per GB.

Verizon feel that the 5GB and 10GB allowances should cater for “virtually all of their customers”, to be honest with you even 5GB would be excessive for some people, therefore people are suggesting that they would like to see a 2GB of data for $20 per month deal offered.

In terms of speed it all depends in coverage in your area, at today’s press conference Verizon suggested that in a real-world situation with a loaded network their new LTE network should be able to deliver 5 to 12 Mbps (downlink) and 2 to 5 Mbps (uplink), there should also be half the latency we are used to seeing in their 3G network.

If you want to experience these speeds on your laptop/netbook you will have to buy one of Verizon’s 4G LTE modems, we will post information regarding Verizon’s 4G LTE modems later today.

What do you think of Verizon’s 4G LTE mobile data price plans?

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  • George

    Let me tell you something. If I'm reading the above correctly, "5 GB a month for $50.00 or 10GB for $80.00 months", then for Torrents freak as myself; I download all my cable shows, movies and music for FREE, (a good 10GB every 4 days, in which I latter delete from pc to make space once show or movie is watched), then it's best to stick with my Super High Speed Internet by Time Warner Cable, which I only pay $32.00 a month, with unlimited GB to download. Or I can always take my Lap top to the cafe's or Carl's Junior and download for free. As for this comment above "To be honest with you even 5GB would be excessive for some people", who the hell are the people that they are talking about, a bunch of 80 year olds? Stick it!!

    • Joshua

      I agree, I have a U.S. Cellular wireless modem though slower than this the concepts the same. I pay 50$ for a 5GB a month plan and let me tell you after a few youtube and netflix streams for a week you get pretty damn close to that 5GB mark especially if you download even a few songs and what not. I have already gone over my 5GB plan and its sucks and am now calling every other day it seems to check my balance. Last two months I have been very close to going over once again. Three youtube videos with the device I have eats up 100MB just like that. These things are fine for people on the move allot that want to keep track of email, maybe facebook it up a bit, look up info on the web and for buisness but don't let them fool you. Even with the outrageously priced 10GB plan if you are a movie streamer, movie or music downloader, or online gamer take it from someone who has paid the price for testing these wireless modems himself; ITS NOT FOR YOU! Get regular cable internet which will end up being allot cheaper anyways and faster.