Google Editions: Will you use the Service or not?

It looks like Google are ready to enter the world of digital ebooks, as a new report has suggested that Google will be launching their digital ebook store before the end of the year, in the US first.

As reported from BGR, an article published by the WSJ has stated that the name of the service will be called ‘Google Editions’, and that it will give users the opportunity to purchase books directly from Google.

Google is also planning to partner with various online retailers, so that books purchased can be added to an online library which is tied to a Google account. There are also plans for a revenue-sharing model for third-parties too, as websites and blogs that ‘talk’ about a particular book and then link to the purchase on Google Editions would be able to share a cut of the sale.

At the moment, the service is launching in US first, presumably at the end of this month. As for UK users and everyone else, the WSJ report states that it will be available during the 1st quarter of 2011. You can read further details on Google Editions via the WSJ article here.

What are your thoughts on the project? Do you think it is a good idea or not? Would you happily use the service once it is launched, or do you believe that Google are just jumping on the ebook bandwagon like everyone else?

Maybe they feel slightly threatened about Apple and their ebook services on the iPad, although according to the WSJ, Google are calling Editions ‘universal’, meaning that users can read their ebooks on any device which they choose. We’ll let you know once we hear further details on this.



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