Apple iPad Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab: iPad Clear Winner?

By Alan Ng - Dec 2, 2010

We have an interesting article for you to read now, especially if you are an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab owner, as a recent survey has asked consumers which tablet they prefer, and the results are pretty conclusive.

As reported from Apple Insider, a consumer poll conducted by Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster has revealed that 85% of those polled prefer the iPad to the recently released Samsung Galaxy Tab device.

However, only a minor number of users were polled, 65 according to Apple Insider, so there are probably a lot of happy Galaxy Tab owners out there who prefer their device over the iPad.

We wonder if the price of the two devices was the telling factor in the majority vote, or just a preference of Android or iOS. Don’t forget that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is $30 cheaper than the 3G iPad model at $629.

What are your thoughts on the results? Would you agree that the iPad is ‘better’ than the Samsung Galaxy Tab or not?

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  • I think that Galaxy Tab is better than iPad in the size, it is more easier in holding. But in graphics quality I think iPad is better. 

  • MuktownPat

    I have had an iPad 3G for a few months and love it, recently I received a Galaxy Tab as a free giveaway including 3 months of unlimited service. At first I loved the smaller size and it seemed like a very well engineered product, I used it exclusively for about 3 weeks determined to have it win me over and replace my iPad. As each day of using it passed, I hated it more and more and missed the simplicity and ease of use that I enjoyed so much with my iPad. The eMail app for one no way compared to the iPad, I found it difficult to even distinguish what was a new message and what was already read. I know people complain about Apple's control over things, but once you try the competition you quickly realize that the only reason for the control isn't just the revenue it truly does affect the quality control of their products. Needless to say, I could not wait to go back to my iPad! BTW, I have a slightly used Galaxy Tab (Sprint) for sale if anyone is interested! lol

    • india uptown

      can u ship it to india

    • k saxena

      how much you r askng for USD – i m in Bffalo ny

    •  I’m confused, I don’t know what should I buy Galaxy Tab or iPad. Can you advise me???

    •  I’m confused, I don’t know what should I buy Galaxy Tab or iPad. Can you advise me???

  • *E*

    I think the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a lot better than the iPad and I predict it'll be more personal than the iPad because yet again even if you have a 9" screen what does that mean if the only thing special about it is that you have a pretty cool wallpaper. Google has always been a lot more "The People" based. Go to my new blog for more reasons

  • Ayo

    I love my samsung galaxy tab. I have never been keen on having to get a special micro sim card in order to access data around and about. The size is just perfect. It does all I want it do, it isn't perfect, neither is the ipad but it works just fine for me. I love the option of being able to make a phone call or receive text messages if the need arises. Diary, email updates, ebooks, gps, phone.and the list goes on

  • JacketsRequired

    The rest of my post…
    For me, the deciding factors were size (portability and airplane use), SIM flexibility for overseas travel (I'm not going to pay AT&T to data-roam in Europe), OS (I just prefer Android because it's what I know), and memory flexibility (I love being able to swap cards out if I need to), plus a general aversion to the walled-garden Apple world (it took a lot of time to unlock my music from Apple's DRM, and that scar is still with me).

    Those factors break exactly the other way for friends who prefer the iPad, and that's fine with me. Despite my attempt to be Apple-free, I happily use the Apple wireless keyboard and magic trackpad with the Tab when I need to reply to a lot of email, but I am very happy with my choice. Using it as a book reader has been just as nice as the Kindle it replaced.

  • JacketsRequired

    I prefer the Tab. It's why I bought it over the iPad. This is the same debate that we see between the iPhone, Android phones, and Blackberrys. The Tab is a different product than the iPad, although they have similarities, and this poll, from my perspective, is a lot like the poll asking Americans if they are okay with the enhanced screening procedures at the airport, regardless of whether those people actually fly on a regular basis. You need to do some homework on these devices before your opinion is worth anything. Five minutes of side-by-side comparison isn't enough, IMO. I'm sure I would have preferred an iPad based on that and no other background information.

  • Pete

    Love my galaxy tab, The android o/s was a factor for me,not so much the price,but love the phone option.

    I use an iphone but seems a bit restrained by Apple rules,not ok for me.