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Verizon 4G LTE: Release Date Confirmed – December 5th?

For those of you waiting for Verizon to drop the green light on their new 4G LTE network, we have some important news for you, as we’re hearing of a solid date for when LTE will actually be going live.

We previously told you about an upcoming event in which Verizon will be announcing the news to everyone, but this Engadget report has revealed the details early for you, and according to their sources, 4G LTE will be launching on Sunday 5th November.

Aside from the actual network going live, Engadget also say that the 5th will mark the availability of two new modems which are designed to take advantage of Verizon’s new speeds, and the 5th will also be the day when 4G LTE Sim cards will be available as well.

Definitely a day to mark down in your calendars then. Hopefully Verizon will be showing off some new hardware at this event too. Let us know your thoughts on Verizon’s upcoming launch of LTE.



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