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Trials HD: Big Thrills DLC Arrives – Download Now

Back in July of this year, Jamie Pert brought you details of the Big Thrills DLC that was due to be released for the popular Xbox Live Arcade game Trials HD. Well we can now tell you that the pack has now arrived, and is available to be downloaded when players are ready.

According to Johnny Cullen over at, not only does the Big Thrills DLC pack – which is in fact the second lot of DLC that has been made available for the racing/puzzle game – add three new achievements to the game, but it also features 40 brand new tracks.

What’s great about the forty new tracks is that ten of them are in fact user-created tracks. As mentioned on the website (where you can queue the pack up to your Xbox 360), the three new un-lockable achievements will give players an extra 50 gamer points.

If you are interested in downloading the Big Thrills DLC pack, it will cost you 400 Microsoft Points. Do you think you will download the new pack?



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