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Splatterhouse (Xbox 360, PS3) Poor Review: Do You Agree?

The concept of Splatterhouse may seen cool, gory and blood-thirsty. Unfortunately, the game has a few childhood memories that it would rather forget, but the scars still remain for all to see.

Back in 2007, the game was given to developers Bottlerocket Entertainment but was quickly snatched off them by Namco who gave it to the guys who handled the Afro Samurai game.

Four years have past, and Splatterhouse has finally arrived. But it’s not the spine-tingling, frightful, action-packed scenario that you would expect, according to IGN.

They say that the game is “a mess.” In general, they think that the game has little or poor level design, the combat is boring and have gone “over-the-top” with explicit content.

Controls are bad, camera views are awkward, jumping feels like you are holding a bag of rocks, and the game’s framerate is laughable.

One thing the game does deliver on though is gore. As all bad-horror movies do, they deliver enough blood to keep all you vampires out there happy until after Christmas. It’s graphic, it’s violent, and if you are in to that sort of thing, it is quite satisfying.

The game only recieved an average rating of 4/10. With graphics getting the top honor with a 7/10 and the gameplay receiving the less.

I’d think twice about this game before purchasing, but those of you who already know the Splatterhouse franchise from the Sega Genesis days, you know what to expect.

What are your views on Splatterhouse?

Source: IGN



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