Samsung Vibrant, Captivate: GPS Problems – Official Fix Guide

By Alan Ng - Dec 1, 2010

We have some good news for those of you who are still experiencing GPS problems on either your Samsung Vibrant or Captivate, as Samsung has just released a couple of FAQ guides which should address some of the problems you’ve been having.

As reported from Phandroid, Samsung has posted two separate FAQ guides for both phones, in an attempt to help those further, who are suffering from GPS problems.

The company has also released a new app called GPS Restore, which will restore a user’s GPS settings back to default, which could help those of you in a twist.

Before downloading the app though, you should check out the FAQ guides below, and then download GPS Restore if you are still having problems. Let us know if any of the new methods work for you.

Samsung Vibrant – Guide

Samsung Captivate – Guide

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  • Sam

    Don't believe all you want. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But I can vouch that the GPS in the Captivate is a botched-from-the-get-go product. I tried it with Navigation and it's utter garbage. Changing the settings make a marginal difference.

  • J.B.

    I tried all of these fixes, including manual changing settings and a factory reset. The thing still doesn't work properly. Going to take the advice from the first comment and bring it back. If that doesn't work, unfortunately it's back to apple land.

  • jeff

    GPSrestore worked like a charm.

  • Alex

    Don’t believe the other comment. I got the update and now the GPS locks in seconds. Indoors too.

  • Take Back your phone

    Forget all these updates and settings changes. These DO NOT work. the GPS with Samsung Galaxy phones are hardware related. If the GPS does not lock within a minute or lose the lock for no apparent reason, then it is broke! I took mine back to AT&T and told them that this crap is broke and want my money back. They brought out another phone, tried the GPS and worked like a charm indoors!