Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 8: Download On December 7

By Jamie Pert - Dec 1, 2010

Firefox 4 Beta 7 is barely a month old, but that is not stopping Mozilla from releasing the latest beta version of their web-browser which is slated for a December 7 release date.

Beta 8 was pencilled in for a release on November 30, but some in-house problems prevented that release as they prepared to fix nagging issues with the application.

Most of the problems centered around synchronization, and security issues, but now it would seem that they have most of the bases covered so you should see the release appear on the Mozilla website next week.

For those of you have tried previous Firefox beta, this one should be much more stable as crashes are far less significant.

Mozilla say that “based on the Fennec Beta 3 schedule, which is targeting Dec 7th as ship, we feel it’s best to align Beta 8 with that date.” They also state with their patch notes that “there is a pending change to the way Sync UI works for adding another client.”

How is Firefox 4 Beta treating you so far? You happy with it?

Source: ZDnet

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  • we want monzilla firefox active

  • sutee

    Thank you

  • jake

    I hate Google Chrome and refuse to use it.

    And Now I hate Firefox because it's trying to become Google chrome.

    Tabs up the top, the disappearance of the status bar at the bottom of the screen (the only way to tell if a site like MobileMe was still loading or had just crashed, also where add-ons would put their icons and info).

    There is no reason why I would use Firefox now. Its lost all it's useful features to make it more like Safari and Chrome, and it's slower than both. MobileMe galleries won't even load in Firefox 4 and it has major problems with flash sites.

    For a Browser that was promising richer, faster audio/visual content, and customizable browsing, Firefox have taken a major step backward with FF4. I want to experience the Web the way that I choose to… not the way that Google or Mozilla tell me i have to.

  • josh

    oh so its now december 9th and they still havent released beta 8 but internet explorer 9 has been updated shows that firefox cant keep up with the best

  • dhoper