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Civilization 5 Maps: New DLC Hits Steam

If you are an avid Civilization 5 gamer we have some great news for you, new maps are now available on Steam thanks to the launch of the Cradle of Civilization Map Bundle DLC.

This DLC consists of four new maps, it costs $9.99, however you can also buy the maps individually for $2.99 each, you can find them on Steam here.

Obviously if you buy all four individually you will pay $11.96, therefore I would probably just buy the entire pack for $9.99 and save myself $1.97, let’s face it if you buy one individually you will probably end up buying them all.

The four new maps are called Americas, Asia, Mediterranean and Mesopotomia, if you want to find out more about these individual maps and see what they look like click on their names.

Have you purchased the Cradle of Civilization DLC Map Bundle DLC? If so, which is your favorite so far?

Source: GamePro



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