Windows Phone 7 OS: List of Features Needed?

Earlier on, we informed you about a potential ‘huge’ update apparently on the way for Microsoft’s colllection of Windows Phone 7 handsets sometime in January, but now we want to ask for your most desired features.

If you missed the article, you can read it again here. We don’t have a list of confirmed features for the update yet, but according to this report from BGR, ‘expected’ features include the ability to copy and paste text, custom ringtones (finally), multitasking from third-parties, a free bing GPS app and much more.

The features above sound good indeed, but many will argue that they should have been on WP7 handsets at launch. Still though, better late than never. Hopefully Microsoft confirm this huge update for us so Windows Phone 7 owners can start getting excited.

If you currently own a Windows Phone 7 handset, let us know a list of features you want to see on your handset the most.


  • David S

    I travel internationally on business, Chinese handwritten input and support Chinese, Japanese and other Asian characters is needed. All of my foreign contacts' phone are listed in the local languages. The phone render useless if I cannot look up the phone number.

    Need more application support. The reason that iphone and android gain so much support is the vast amount of applications (game, utilities and productive software) at a much lower price than window operating system.

  • Tyrrel

    (cont'd from earlier comment) I also would like to see Microsoft make the Windows Phone 7 calendar function look at operate more like the great Outlook calendar, including the availability and functionality of tasks. (In fact, I'd like to see a lot more of the Outlook features available on the Windows Phone 7.) And, of course, there should be the capability for direct USB sync with Outlook on the desktop computer (instead of requiring using the "cloud"). All that said, I think the Windows Phone 7 OS is superb (and not just superb for a first try). Other than screen resolution (which isn't bad but could be better) I think this operating system blows iPhone away. Hopefully the next generation Windows Phone will resolve the screen resolution issue, add a faster processor, more memory versatility and a better, longer lasting battery.

  • Tyrrel

    I got the HTC HD7 (T-Mobile) on the day it was released. I agree with the need for the software updates you suggested in your article. All are essential updates for the OS. I would also like to see the ability to create folders for applications and documents. I would like to see my Outlook contacts import with their categories and the option for a category view on the phone. I would like to see a homepage speed dial function for regularly called phone numbers. (cont'd)


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