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Samsung Continuum: Email Problems – Do you have any?

After reading a general overview on the recently released Samsung Continuum handset, we inadvertently heard that the handset is suffering from a collection of email-related problems. We want to know if any of you are experiencing any such issues.

If you head over to this short review from Computer World, you’ll see a significant portion of their article is reserved for talking about email and exchange problems on the handset.

According to them, the Samsung Continuum makes emailing features very difficult for users, notably due to the fact that it’s very hard to tell whether the system is running POP3 or IMAP. Other problems involve the phone being ‘whiped’ when trying to delete a POP3 or IMAP profile, and there is also no current way to manage multiple email accounts on the Continuum, which may prove to be frustrating for business-orientated users.

If you own a Samsung Continuum, give us your feedback on the email features on the handset. Are you having problems with it too?



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