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Kinect Sales on Xbox 360: Over 2.5 Million in One Month

We recently told you about some Microsoft Kinect sales figures over in Japan, but now we have an update on how things are going back home – and it’s pretty good news from Microsoft’s point of view.

According to this report from BGR, Microsoft has managed to shift more than 2.5 million Kinect sensors for the Xbox 360, despite the fact that Kinect has only been on sale for a month.

Don’t forget that Microsoft sold 1 million Kinect units in it’s first two weeks on sale, so Microsoft has more than doubled that figure in the remaining two weeks of November.

Furthermore, the company are apparently shifting 107,000 Kinect sensors per day, meaning that if they keep up with this pace, they may well meet their end of year sales predictions of 5 million units.

Did you buy a Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360?



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