HootSuite Boasts 1 Million Users

If you use social networking more than the average user you may have considered using HootSuite, we are now hearing that the popular social media dashboard has over 1 million registered users.

HootSuite launched back in December 2008, it helps businesses to improve their social marketing campaigns by allowing you to publish to websites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace etc, you can find out a little more about HootSuite here.

As mentioned above the service has been around for two-years, in just over a year it boasted 250,000 registered users, however in 2010 things really kicked off, it now has over 1 million registered users, you can see a chart showing its growth below.

Apparently 61% of users use HootSuite to post to Twitter, whilst 27% of people use it to post to Facebook, I have used HootSuite to post to Facebook and find it extremely easy to use, therefore if you have not used it why not sign up?

I’m sure that 2011 will also be a great year for HootSuite, let’s face it social media is growing and growing, therefore you would have thought that more and more people will begin using HootSuite.

Do you use HootSuite? If so, does it make your life easier?

Source IntoMobile



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